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We still “sugar” the traditional way – “tapping out” more than 2000 buckets each Spring and boiling our sap with a hardwood fire to ensure the original maple flavor. We proudly display Vermont’s Agricultural Seal of Quality on each container and guarantee you the highest quality product with each order!

FANCY GRADE PURE MAPLE SYRUP - The very first sap runs of the season produce syrup with a light color and delicate flavor.
MEDIUM AMBER GRADE PURE MAPLE SYRUP - Slightly darker with a medium maple flavor. (our most popular)
DARK AMBER GRADE PURE MAPLE SYRUP - Near the end of “sugaring” we make dark amber which has a robust maple flavor and is suitable for cooking.
GRADE B - A dark, intensely flavored maple syrup option.

Bragg Farm Maple Syrup

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Round Tins (NEW)

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Case/4 16.9 oz Round Tins
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Case/6 8.45 oz. Round Tins
Case/4 Pint Jugs 
Case/4 Quart Jugs 
1 Half Gallon Jug
Case/8 Pint Jugs
Case/6 Quart Jugs
2 - Half Gallon Jugs 
Case/6 1/2 Pint Jugs

Case/10 1/2 Pint Jugs

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SAVE! 10% off 4 or more items or 5% off 2-3 items (shipped to the same address) .
(Excludes cases, gallons and 2nd day air)
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